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Johansson on Spotify, TikTok, Superm etc.

Barcelona-based BMAT has started a project specifically aimed at supporting artists whose concerts have been staged in Barcelona lately. BMAT is a company that helps copyright organizations and other players in the music industry monitor music played on radio, TV, live and digital.

The project is called "The Show Must Go On Air" and lists all artists who have set concerts in the city, links to YouTube videos, while urging radio stations and TV channels to use music from these artists, in advertising and other ways, while asking individuals to support the artists by listening to them online and thus generating revenue.

Kelly Abel , communications manager at BMAT, says:

"We're trying to help musicians who've canceled gigs here, starting with those close to us in our hometown - especially those who aren't usually heard on the radio. So we're asking radios, TVs and any music lovers to play them. Every play will help generate royalties to make up for their losses due to canceled gigs."