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BMAT tells everyone what music has been played so that artists get the recognition they deserve. No matter if it’s a pop song on TV, a jungle track at a beach club or a ukulele cover on a digital video stream. We hear everything everywhere and tell everyone who wants ...

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Alexa Ennis

BMAT launches a new initiative to support artists who’ve had gigs cancelled in Barcelona due to COVID-19

The initiative calls on all broadcasters who play or use music to opt for the songs of those who’ve been cancelled. Every play will help them make up for financial and promotional losses.

Thousands of live shows have been cancelled in Barcelona, as they have worldwide. BMAT are calling on broadcasters from all over, including those they’ve worked closely with over their 16 years, to help support artists—local and international—and make sure the show goes on. By joining forces, they’re helping those artists who are most impacted by COVID-19 gig cancellations to make up for their losses with boosted royalty earnings and exposure.

Amid this uncertain time, the global music monitoring and reporting company BMAT are launching The Show Must Go On Air to encourage broadcasters to play artists who’ve had gigs cancelled in their hometown of Barcelona due to COVID-19. Especially those who aren’t usually played on the radio. Each play generates royalties to help compensate for their financial losses, as well as helping with visibility and gaining new audiences.

They’re giving priority to bands who aren’t usually played on the radio, and could be the most impacted by this. BMAT has the list of artists on their web page Broadcasters can get ideas for songs to add to their programming, and artists who would like to be added can do so here.

“Our hometown, Barcelona, is big on music, so it means a lot to us. We want to keep it alive. We’re trying to help musicians who’ve had gigs cancelled here—especially those who aren’t usually heard on the radio.” explains Kelly Abel, Communications Manager of BMAT. “So we’re asking radios, TVs and any music lovers to play them. Every play will help generate royalties to make up for their losses due to cancelled gigs.”

About BMAT

BMAT is a music innovation company with a mission to index all music usage and ownership data. They monitor and report music globally across TVs, radios, venues and digital to help artists get paid for their plays.